15 Pieces of Brilliant Career Advice From Your Favorite Celebrities

If you’re in need of a little career inspiration, look no further than these 15 pieces of career wisdom from your favorite celebrities.

Looking to get ahead with celebrity advice?

Being a Millennial means that you must be aware of what is going on with what is happening with celebrities. Even if you don’t like it, Millennials use pop references all the time and it is just a part of modern times. So, we decided to take something from our knowledge about celebrities and apply them to my professional life.

And just to make myself clear: This doesn’t mean that I find these celebrities role models, it just means that we can learn something from them whether you are starting a new job or well into your career.

Here are 15 pieces of wisdom from your favorite celebrities and that I am sure no one will ever tell you:

1. Beyonce – Know your strengths

Have you ever heard of anyone with more self-confident than Beyonce? She knows her strengths and shows them to the world and so can you! If you haven’t already, make a list of your qualities and say them out loud.

2. Madonna – Be yourself

You are not Madonna and Madonna, isn’t you. Only you can be you. Madonna is such an icon because she never tried to be someone she is not. You are unique. Embrace that uniqueness, improve and work on yourself to become the best version of yourself.

3. Oprah – Overcome your problems

I know! Oprah, right? There are hundreds of lessons we can learn here. But did you know that before she became rich and famous she had to overcome things like poverty, sexual abuse, and teenage pregnancy? So stop complaining about your problems and start working to solve them!

4. The Kardashians – Brand yourself

Maybe not the better role models but they sure are examples of branding. If you had to advertise yourself, how you would do it?

5. James Oliver – Focus

He started his career to show people how to eat better. And he still does that today. If now that he is famous, his focus is still the same. What is your focus?

6. Steve Jobs – Be innovative

Jobs was known for thinking outside the box and creating things we did not even know we needed it. He never settled down for was already out there and neither should you if you want to earn more money.

7. Steven Spielberg – Be passionate

Before becoming one of the most famous directors of all time, Spielberg was rejected by the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts three times. It was his passion for movies that made him pursue his dream and we can see his passion in his movies. Can people see the passion in your work?

8. Ellen DeGeneres – Fake it till you make it

Her brother was the funny one in the family and nobody encouraged her to become the successful comedian she is today. Imagine where you want to go and make your way to it.

9. Steve Buscemi – Help others

The famous actor worked 12 hours shifts volunteering for as a firefighter after 9/11. You will find out that by helping others professionally you are not creating stronger competitors, but stronger friends.

10. Keanu Reeves – Be humble

This celebrity is worth more than $100 million and still takes the subway and goes to simple restaurants. Being humble is not just professional advice but life advice. Humble people are always willing to learn.

11. James Franco – Keep studying

After 5 degrees, the actor is now taking his Ph.D. at Yale. Keep studying, always. Even if you think you don’t have to study anymore. Read, write, and teach and work harder.

12. Jennifer Aniston – Make friends (get it? Friends!)

One of the reasons Aniston is the huge success she is today is because she surrounded herself with friends in high places. In your profession, try to make good connections!

13. Ashton Kutcher – Adapt

The actor, investor, entrepreneur, producer, and philanthropist is not afraid of changes. He embraces and dives into them. Adapting is not always easy, but it is necessary. Adapt or get left behind.

14. Bill Gates – Take risks

There are many lessons we can learn from Bill Gates, but according to him, “success lies in unchartered territories”. Maybe you will fail, but maybe not! And if you do, just take a look at the next celebrity advice:

15. J.K. Rowling – It is okay to fail

The Harry Potter story was rejected by 12 publishers. Rowling said she “had failed on an epic scale”. Have you ever felt like that? If not, you probably will. But hey, if Rowling got through it, so can you.

What’s your favorite celebrity advice?

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