Shopkick Review: Is it Legit or a Scam?

In this Shopkick review, we'll be discussing whether Shopkick is a scam or legit, how much you can expect to make and if it's worth your time or not to use.

The universe is changing at a high pace and apps that pay you to save are becoming increasingly popular every day.

However, this does not mean that they are all good to use and that they are worth your time. That is why I will write my honest opinion about Shopkick and tell you whether this app is worth it or not.

What is Shopkick all about and is it better than it’s competitors? This article answers all your questions in this Shopkick review so that you can make a wiser decision with accurate information.

With the many types of saving apps currently available on the market, it is difficult to choose, although they are all about the same.

This Shopkick review will tell you if the app is worth your time.

What is Shopkick?

Shopkick is a free smartphone app that earns you points to visit stores, scan items in the store and shop. If you walk by stores on your commute to work or have stores nearby you during the week, you can earn “kicks” that you can exchange for gift cards.

shopkick review

However, is it one of the best ways to earn gift cards and save money? Let’s find out.

How Shopkick Works

Shopkick gives you the chance to earn points for “checking in” at certain locations in your city. The point system Shopkick uses are referred to as “kicks”.

I’m sure you think the idea of the app sounds great, but what user experience do you receive and how does the Shopkick app work?

  • First, you need a smartphone, an iPhone or a tablet (They have the website, but you have to use the mobile app to get the points you need to win gift cards and movie tickets.)
  • Walk into participating stores (25+ kicks) and “check in” with the app open
  • Earn 250 kicks and that’ll get you $1 in gift cards
  • Redeem gift cards within the app

Pro Tip: Unfortunately, you can’t redeem your “kicks” for straight-up cash but almost all major retailer gift cards are available. I generally opt for the Amazon gift cards since you can stack them up within your Amazon account and they never expire.

How To Earn Kicks

There are a few different ways you can “kicks”. My favorite method to racking up points is opening the app before entering a participating store and then checking to see if I can scan any items within that store for more kicks. I’ve found other ways to rack up points too, which you can see below.

Different Ways to Earn Kicks Fast

shopkick review

1. Entering a store

Eligible stores pay you between 30 and 100 “kicks” to enter their store. Normally you have to wait a few seconds at the entrance with your open Shopkick app to earn points.

2. Scanning items bar codes within the store

Shopkick also pays you to scan specific items with your Shopkick app. Generally, you get ten kicks per scan, and you can scan multiple items per store (although these items are usually not so close together within the store).

3. Buying stuff

You can also earn kicks by purchase items at participating stores. The exact number of kicks you earn depends on the item you buy and from which store.

4. Refer friends for kicks

You can get up to 25,000 kicks from invites, which is equivalent to inviting 100 friends. Of course, you are welcome to invite as many friends as you like to join and enjoy Shopkick with you! They offer kicks for the first 100.

5. Connect your credit card

When you link one of your credit cards, you receive up to 200 kicks.

shopkick review


Is Shopkick Legit

With so many ways to earn points with Shopkick, it is entirely safe and legitimate for you to use.

You can earn points simply by visiting stores and scanning items to rack up gift cards. You have the option to earn more kicks by linking your credit or debit card, but it’s not required even though it’s entirely safe.

Also, they don’t ask for any personal information when signing up. So you don’t have to worry about disclosing sensitive personal information at any time.

With regards to earning gift cards, there are a large number of gift cards to choose from. Which means that Shopkick partners with hundreds of stores and restaurants offer consumers fun and exciting gift cards.

What makes Shopkick good is that it is completely free. Plus, you don’t even have to shop to earn points, so it’s entirely free and Shopkick will never charge you a dime.

Bottom line: Shopkick is completely free, no matter how you use it and is a 100% legitimate way to earn free gift cards.


Shopkick Cheats

You can still make money by linking your Shopkick account to your credit card and then using this card to purchase items in eligible stores.

The number of points you earn varies from store to store. Look around for those who pay more.

If you refer friends to the Shopkicks, you earn the first two weeks of using the account. However, you can not earn more than 2,500 points through referrals. You can earn more by recommending friends from time to time.

Is Shopkick Free?

Yes, the Shopkick app is 100% free.

Is it difficult to use Shopkick?

Shopkick App Pros and Cons

Shopkick Pros

  • You can even earn gift cards for just walking in stores
  • There are no registration costs, a totally free app
  • Is it entertaining to use and lucrative use of your time

Shopkick Cons

  • It takes a lot of time to collect kicks, I’ve only earned around $10 since using it for three months
  • You can’t exchange your kicks for actual cash, but only gift cards

Is Shopkick a Scam?

No, it’s not a scam. Although there are some cons to the app, these are not major and can be neglected. It’s a good app if you shopping and is a good source of earning rewards, gift cards, movie tickets and more.

With so many ways to earn kicks through Shopkick, it’s completely safe and legit.

Shopkick Review Conclusion

Shopkick is a legitimate method to make money. You can use the app to earn legitimate gift cards to popular stores, and the methods of making money are really easy.

In case you are looking for a way to earn with your shopping or you’re just getting started with learning how to earn when you shop, sign up for Shopkick today.

shopkick review


Click Here to Download Shopkick

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